Bamboo Refresh 1500 double mattress

Bamboo Refresh 1500 layers

1. Quilted BambuCool Memory Foam. 2 cm 

A plush layer memory foam helps regulate body temperature and at the same time, relieves pressure by distributing your body weight evenly, helping you to wake refreshed.

2. BambuCool Memory Foam 3cm

A second layer of our BambuCool memory foam, to add even more quality and performance to give you a healthier sleep

3. Flex-Refresh Comfort Foam. 2 cm 

A layer of Flex-Refresh comfort foam, helps further support your body to enable a deeper sleep.

4. 1500 L-SeriesPocket Springs. 16 cm 

800 of our custom L-Series Pocket Springs line the core to bring out the performance of this mattress.

5. Aero-Flex Support Border. Our aerodynamic support border is fitted for enhanced breathability. It gives edge to edge support to give you a comfortable night's sleep.

6. M-Core Support Foam. 4 cm 

A base layer of our M-Core Support Foam provides added support, ensuring you get the deeper, recovery-enhancing sleep you need to wake refreshed.

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  • Regulates moisture and temperature
  • Keeps away dust mites
  • Memory foam and pocket springs
  • Adapts to your body
  • 135 cm wide/190cm long
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Firmer option available (Ortho)
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