Bamboo Refresh 800 king size

Bamboo Refresh 800 layers

1. Quilted BambuCool Memory Foam. 2 cm 

A plush layer memory foam helps regulate body temperature and at the same time, relieves pressure by distributing your body weight evenly, helping you to wake refreshed.

2. Flex-Refresh Comfort Foam. 3 cm 

A layer of Flex-Refresh comfort foam, helps further support your body to enable a deeper sleep.

3. 800 L-SeriesPocket Springs. 14 cm (14cm Ortho)

800 of our custom L-Series Pocket Springs line the core to bring out the performance of this mattress.

4. Aero-Flex Support Border. Our aerodynamic support border is fitted for enhanced breathability. It gives edge to edge support to give you a comfortable night's sleep.

5. M-Core Support Foam. 3 cm 

A base layer of our M-Core Support Foam provides added support, ensuring you get the deeper, recovery-enhancing sleep you need to wake refreshed.

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  • Regulates moisture and temperature
  • Keeps away dust mites
  • Memory foam and pocket springs
  • Adapts to your body
  • 150cm wide/200cm long
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Firmer option available (Ortho)
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